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Happenings in the Vineyard

May 4th.

Spring has arrived in the vineyard. The dormant grape vines have
sprung to life. We had prepared for this event by pruning the vines in
February and early March. Pruning started  as soon as we could
reasonably expect not to have below freezing temperatures overnight
in the vineyard. First we pruned the white grape varietals, such as
Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat, Viognier and Palomino. Then we
pruned the reds that are in the lower portion of the vineyard because
the cold air tends to settle there, and also because most of the reds
come in and mature later in the season than the whites.

The spring rains have subsided and we had bud-break around March
15th or so. By now the leaves have grown considerably and we
expect the vines to bloom and set fruit in the next couple of weeks.  
Alex has begun his irrigation program and the injection of  fertilizers.
Tomorrow at 2 a.m. he  will be spraying the vineyard with the
anti-fungal Thiolux solution.  The reason that the spraying occurs
during the wee hours of the morning is because of the winds that
blow later in the day. By circa 8 o'clock the spraying will be complete
for this time.

Also tomorrow, Friday, May 5th, he will purchase a mower to be
attached to our small tractor for the purpose of mowing the
cover-crop which in our vineyard are the weeds that grow between
the rows of grapevines.  Last year we disced the rows for weed
control but found the heavy rains washing down too much soil.