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The Distillery

Alex’s Red Barn Winery has received federal and California permit approvals to
operate as a distillery. This marks it as the FIRST craft distillery in Temecula
wine country.  It joins a new  breed  of  craft  distilleries now growing  in other
parts of California and the country.

Produced spirits are distilled in a traditional Alambic copper still, hand made by
Portuguese craftsmen. Every spirit  is made  by  time consuming ,  rigorous,
old-fashioned, hands-on pot-distillation methods.

Products currently  in production   or in the   
planning   stage at Alex’s Red Barn Winery  
include :

Please click on  Red Barn Wines  to see a brief description of our
various wines and distilled spirits
1.Stingaree Pastis (pronounced Pahs-tees), a sensational
anise-flavored , 100  proof brandy
released in August, 2011. Infused with licorice roots
and a number of other herbs.
375 ml bottle...........$30.00     Club Price....$25.00
3. Moscato Grappa, a traditional Italian brandy made from the pressed skins and seeds of
Muscat grapes, a byproduct of the wine making  process.
375 ml bottle...........$30.00     Club Price....$25.00
3. Red Barn Brandy, a multiple-distilled brandy aged in oak for more than three years.
375 ml bottle...........$30.00     Club Price....$25.00
2. White Pastis anise flavored brandy similar to Stnigaree Pasis but contains no other
375 ml bottle...........$30.00     Club Price....$25.00