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e are open every SATURDAY, except holidays.
The Winery
Alex's Red Barn Winery is located in the Temecula Valley, in coastal Southern California. It is owned
and operated by the Yakut Family; comprised of Alex and Lise Yakut . We have been in the wine
industry for over twenty five years, mostly as growers of prime quality wine grapes. We sold our
grapes to wineries throughout California. We also enjoyed making very limited quantities of wines for
family and friends. Now, we offer you these family wines, which are produced in our own winery,
and we are of the opinion that they are truly exquisite.

Also, as of 2010, we have received federal and state licenses to operate as a distillery, the first in
Temecula wine country. Currently, we produce four types of brandies. Alex' Red Barn Brandy is
aged for over two years in oak barrels and is triple-distilled to produce a truly smooth brandy
comparable to the best French cognacs at a fraction of the price. In addition, we have Stingaree
Pastis, White Pastis and Grappa.

Savor the flavor of rare vintage wines produced from our "old-vine" noble grapes. It can be honestly
stated that wines made from our noble Sauvignon Blanc grapes, sometimes presented as Fume Blanc,
cannot be equaled. Our "Old-Vine" wines also include Johannisberg Riesling and Cabernet
Sauvignonand White Cabernet Sauvignon.
We also offer Syrah, Grenache, Portobello and Viognier, in addition to the four brandies mentioned
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